Crowdfounding Campaign

Everything started a few years ago in St. Gallen, Switzerland. A small group of motivated students, keen to change their consumption behavior into a more climate friendly one, got together to revolutionize the way consumers and suppliers interact. They had realized living responsibly in their day-to-day life was really hard. The main challenge was to find stores that not only claim to be but actually are sustainable.
This difficulty provided the necessary motivation to found the EcoMap. A map that lets you discover sustainable stores in your city, ranked in different categories and judged on a variety of criteria.

The word spread, soon teams from around the world wanted to get involved and joined the EcoMap team. This gave birth to EcoMap International which by now encompasses cities in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands with plans to expand to France, Spain and Italy in the near future.

Now, WE NEED YOU! The EcoMap goes fundraising. So far, we have developed a lot with a micro budget, but now the time has come for larger investments. Namely our main service, our online information platform also known as website, urgently needs a facelift. We want to make sure that you will have the best user experience possible.
Support us by donating and spreading the word.

The campaign takes off on March 5th!

Your EcoMap team