Help end poverty with your personal actions

The Good Life Goals (GLG) translate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into individual actions. In short, they tell you how you can act more sustainable every day. This is an important step to make sustainability a real peoples movement. Goal 1 shows you how you can "HELP END POVERTY".

The manifold sustainability issues of food and how to consume sustainably

The food industry has been criticised plenty in recent years, both for their social and their environmental damaged caused. Just think of the outcry over the palm oil in KitKat caused by the Greenpeace campaign. Although it has become fashionable for food producers to be green, their performance on sustainability issues is not very convincing. To clarify the many misleading claims on advertising and products, there is an increasing number of labels, rankings and standards, companies have to comply with.

Nobel prize in economic science for sustainable economics

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2018 was awarded to William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer for integrating climate change and technological innovation into long-run macroeconomic analysis.

Our new EcoMap website is finally online!

FINALLY! Our new website is online and available via We worked the last months to improve the handling for the user, give shops the possibility to manage their data directly online and include a lot of new functions. Be one of the first users or bring the EcoMap to your city!