Finally! Our new website is online!!! Be one of the first users or bring the EcoMap to your city! - Picture of the EcoMap for Hamburg

FINALLY! Our new website is online and available via We worked the last months to improve the handling for the user, give shops the possibility to manage their data directly online and include a lot of new functions. Be one of the first users or bring the EcoMap to your city!

As you know, we had a website already, but we wanted to improve it to bring it to a whole new level. In January of this year, we started to contact IT professionals to help us build a new website from the scratch. And this was a good decision because the old website was destroyed - with all texts and pictures - from a virus. In the last months, based on the IT basics, we build the new website structure, the website texts and design. In this context, we also introduced a whole new design for the EcoMap, which you may have already seen on our social media accounts. In the last weeks, we began to add the first shops to the map, which have also been on the old website. And now we are here with the finished new website.

We want to introduce to you the main functions of the website:

  • Map: The center piece of our website is the map of the sustainable shops. You are able to choose for your country and your city and filter for categories, evaluation criteria and the minimum score for sustainability in order to find the shops relevant to you. So you could e.g. search for restaurants with organic food and a minimum score of 70% in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Radius Search: When you activate the location service of your mobile device, you can search the map for sustainable shops that are close to your position.
  • Blog: In the new blog on the EcoMap website we will report about new shops on the map and topics related to sustainable consumption.
  • Share favorites: You also have the possibility to directly share your favorite shop or blog article with your community on social media.
  • EcoMap Insights: On the website, we will describe the categories of shops as well as the evaluation criteria and process which we are using to assess shops on the EcoMap. Above that, we will give insights in who we are, what drives us and how we work.
  • Shop Login: The new website has a separate login area for shop owners to apply to be added to the EcoMap and to manage the shop’s information. Shops will only become visible to the users when we assessed them and confirmed their information.
  • Newsletter: You are able to subscribe to our EcoMap newsletter to stay informed about new shops on the map, the latest blog articles as well as new functions of the website and our current work.

And this is not the end. We will work on a constant improvement of the website and include new functions. If you have feedback on the website or ideas for suitable new functions, please contact us via