Circle of RRRRR: Re_fuse, Re_duce, Re_use, Re_cycle, R_ot

Reducing consumption and waste is essential for protecting the environment. However, a stroll through the most common supermarkets reveals plastic packaging wrapped around almost every item - increasingly even around individual fresh fruits and vegetables.

The amount of waste that households produce each day are shocking and ever increasing. In order to turn this development around, necessities need to be sold with minimum packaging. Luckily, more and more zero-waste shops (or so called “unverpackt”-shops), that sell food, drinks, oil, seasons, cosmetics and detergents from bulk bins are entering the retail market. They enable customers to shop plastic-free by allowing them to fill reusable containers, that are obtainable in the shop or may be brought from home, with tailorable amounts of a desired product. This way, zero-waste shops reduce both plastic and food waste. Many zero-waste shops also emphasize the importance of organic and regional products. If you want to reduce your plastic waste, look out for the closest zero-waste shop near you on our EcoMap!

photo by: zerowasteswitzerland
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