Good Life Goal 1 as smiley with the title "help end poverty"

The Good Life Goals (GLG) translate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into individual actions. In short, they tell you how you can act more sustainable every day. This is an important step to make sustainability a real peoples movement. Goal 1 shows you how you can "HELP END POVERTY".

Goal 1 "HELP END POVERTY" asks for the following actions:
1) Learn the causes of poverty at home and abroad
2) Share and donate what you can
3) Buy from companies that pay people fairly
4) Save, borrow and invest responsibly

5) Demand decent wages and opportunities for all

It is linked to SDG 1 "End poverty in all its forms everywhere."

On GLG 1.1: As for all goals, this first action is about learning and education, because you first need to know where to start before you can create impactful action. But where to get those information on poverty? Some governments publish reports on poverty in their country. You can also speak to people in poverty, who are maybe homeless, and ask for their story to learn more. To get in contact you may go to homeless shelters or social food distributors, such as Heilsarmee or Caritas. You can also find information on the websites of social welfare organisations, that give you a better understanding of the local reasons behind poverty.

On GLG 1.2: This is an action that you can do regularly. How? Share tools or equipment in your community to save cost or make your tools available to others through apps, like sharly: e.g. a car, a lawnmower, a waffle iron. Where to donate? There are always local social projects that you can contribute to, with money or with time as a volunteer. You can also donate to charitable organisation that serve the society on a regional, national or international level by e.g. protecting the nature, helping the homeless, helping the ill or supporting the underprivileged.

On GLG 1.3: This is an action that you can do everytime you buy something. How do you know that people are paid fairly? Talk to the employees in the shops and restaurants/cafes which you visit often if they are paid fairly. In some countries, like the USA, wages of service staff are low, making tips an essential part of their income. In addition, buy certified fairtrade products or clothing with a fari wear label, so you can be sure that the workers who produced it were paid fairly.

On GLG 1.4: This is an action that you can do when considering bank deals. How? Consider to choose a new bank that especially focusses on sustainability. Ask the staff at your house bank or research on their website how the bank considers sustainability when performing their banking business. Demand more sustainability from your bank, e.g. that it should implement the UN Prinicples for Responsible Investment. Demand that your money is invested in e.g. renewable energy projects or social businesses.

On GLG 1.5: As for all goals, this first action is about political actions and demanding change from the government and businesses. What you can always do to create change is use your vote to elect representative that support it. In this case, you can especially demand change by engaging in your professions trade union or your businesses works council and participate in demonstrations for decent wages.

Since October 14th, we are using every Sunday morning to discuss one GLG. Follow us to read more next Sunday.

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The Good Life Goals by Futerra Sustainability Communications Ltd and 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme is licenced under CC BY-ND 4.0.