Good Life Goal 7 as sun smiley with the title "USE CLEAN ENERGY"

The Good Life Goals (GLG) translate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into individual actions. In short, they tell you how you can act more sustainable every day. This is an important step to make sustainability a real peoples movement. Goal 7 explains how you can "USE CLEAN ENERGY".

Goal 7 "CLEAN ENERGY" asks for the following actions:

1) Find out where your energy comes from
2) Save energy wherever you can
3) Use renewable energy for heat, light and power
4) Buy from companies powered by renewable energy
5) Demand clean, affordable energy for everyone

It is linked to SDG 7 "Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all."

On GLG 7.1: You can get information about where the energy in your flat/house comes from by asking your energy supplier about their energy mix. When you are interested about the general energy production and consumption in your county or country, search for reports of the responsible government agency (e.g. the Economics or Energy Ministry). There should be regular reports with a lot of details online, or reports from environmental NGOs who are focussing on green energy.

On GLG 7.2: Saving energy is easy and also pays off financially. Start with shutting down (not stand-by mode!) all electric devices that you finish using: kitchen equipment, TVs, computers, etc.. When you buy new electic devices, look out for energy efficient ones. Turn off the light, when you leave the room. Regulate the heat in your flat/house according to your needs: the bedroom does not need to be as warm as the living room; rooms do not need to be heated when you are gone for work. There are also technical solutions to support you, e.g. thermostat. And there are so much more little thinks that you can do to save energy! You can find some nice illustrated examples here:

On GLG 7.3: The easiest way to use renewable energies, if you have the possibility, is to change your energy contract to green energy. Many energy provider - at least in Germany and most of Europe - already provide green energy products and the price difference between them and traditional products became smaller and smaller in recent years. Of course you can also produce your green energy yourself with photo voltaic, solar thermal energy or wind turbines. But even though the prices for photo voltaic and other systems are going down because of the growing competition and advanced research, nearly all of them still need a big initial investment - some countries support private renewable energy investments financially (e.g. KfW support in Germany). You find an enormous amount of information about renewable energies online, e.g. at

On GLG 7.4: Today more and more companies report about their environmental performance and their use of renewable energies. Look up or ask for the energy use of companies/stores you buy from regularly (e.g. the supermarket, clothing company, bakery) and consider this information when you choose your favorite shops and brands.

On GLG 7.5: Besides your own behavior regarding energy use, it is important that you raise your voice about the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energies and cast your vote accordingly. Consider that not everyone is able to produce his own energy, that is why you should also campaign for the general energy supply and big energy suppliers to change towards renewable energies. Demand in the political dialogue that the social effects of this transition, especially the affordability of energy, and possible solutions are discussed.

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The Good Life Goals by Futerra Sustainability Communications Ltd and 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme is licenced under CC BY-ND 4.0.