Why sustainable clothing matters

To many people it comes as a surprise just how dirty the clothing industry is. It is common knowledge, that there is child labour in the supply chain and that factories in Bangladesh and elsewhere occasionally collapse and burry hundreds of workers at a time. The ecological cost of the fashion industry is not as well-known, but accounts for many of the reasons behind the sustainability efforts of responsible fashion brands. Some of them have grown into respectable social businesses over time, others have remained hidden local gems.

The manifold sustainability issues of food and how to consume sustainably

The food industry has been criticised plenty in recent years, both for their social and their environmental damaged caused. Just think of the outcry over the palm oil in KitKat caused by the Greenpeace campaign. Although it has become fashionable for food producers to be green, their performance on sustainability issues is not very convincing. To clarify the many misleading claims on advertising and products, there is an increasing number of labels, rankings and standards, companies have to comply with.